Picky is a webcomic about anything! Currently, it has one ongoing story arc, the Adventures of Adelaide Parker. It also has random updates, one-off gags, short stories, all done by me!

The current update schedule is sporadic. My goal is at least once a month, but there’s no set time between updates.

Some pages of the comic use animated images, including .gif images and html5 video. Mobile versions of video rely on .gif fallback, which actually results in larger file sizes. Please be wary of your mobile data usage, and use a mobile browser which plays the video content instead of .gif content if appropriate.

Particularly high-impact pages of the comic may come with content warnings. Full content warnings, including lower-impact and/or triggering content for the Adelaide Parker story, will be written at its conclusion.

a word from the author: hi my Internet name is Mary Sue. That’s not my real name. I have no business being online. Please check out my Social Media links for my extremely impersonal personal Brand.